If You Stall


Everyone  stalls. Everyone. It might be a day, it might be several days. When you  stall, don't panic. It might just be your body adjusting to the next  stage of your weight loss. Lots of folks panic if they don't lose a  pound a day. Don't worry. The average loss is around .5 pounds per day,  and for many it is less. Just remember, there is nowhere else you can  lose 3-7 pounds a week and KEEP IT OFF!! No matter what you do, your  body will weight loss at its own pace. So your best recourse is to  relax, stick to the protocol, and keep measuring! It is called Pounds  and *Inches*!

When you stall, here are some things you can look at:

  • Your  body might have decided that your current weight is your 'normal'  weight and Simeons tells us in 'Pounds & Inches' that you cannot  reduce below that weight using PERFECTLY PURE. Though you may really  want to lose those extra 10 pounds, if your hypothalamus has decided  otherwise, the PERFECTLY PURE will stop working and you will start to  have real hunger (like chew your arm off hunger), because it will no  longer be able to get the extra calories that stave off the hunger from  'abnormal fat stores' when they no longer exist! If that is the case,  Simeons advises that you increase calories to 800 for the rest of the  Protocol, but if you are near the end of your round, I recommend you  finish your course according to Phase 2 instructions here and start  Phase 3 at your current weight. 
  • You  may also want to take measurements and compare to those you took before  the Protocol to find that you have lost inches, even though the scale  hasn't budged!
  • You  may have reached a stage where the reduction begins to happen only  every other day or two. This is typical after the first week or so and  no cause for alarm
  • You may not be drinking enough water. It is *required* that you drink at least 2 liters of water daily. 3 liters is even better.
  • You  can do an 'apple day'. Eat nothing but up to 6 apples for one day, and  only as much water as you feel you need (some only eat the apples and  don't want any more water). This will release water weight, and show a  loss most times. It is a purely psychological thing, but it helps many  people feel better and 'break' their stall.
  • Get  enough sleep. Sleep is *essential* to proper weight loss under this  program. If you're not getting enough sleep, your body will retain  weight because it isn't properly rested.
  • You  may be consuming more than 500 calories daily. This is why I recommend  using the Fit Day Program to calculate your daily consumption.