Testimonies how to lose weight fast



     Testimonies: I did the 21 day program  last spring with my wife and 3 of our children. We had fantastic  results- a combined weight loss of 136 1/2 pounds. We felt like we were  on Biggest Loser! I no longer snore or struggle with sleep apnea- it"s great, no more  elbows in the ribs in the middle of the night. I have maintained my  weight fairly well over the last 10 months and have more energy than I  have had for a long time. Tim  

 I was on a dead end road.  I was eating all the wrong kinds of food and kept gaining weight.  My cholesterol was going up and my blood pressure. Then my daughter introduced me to the HCG Weight Loss Plan because she said it worked great for her.  I went on it January 30, 2012  after trying it for 21 days the pounds were coming off so easy, so I decided to do it for 42 days. I lost 43 lbs. in 42 days and by learning how to eat healthy again I kept it off.  Recently I decided I wanted to lose some more weight so I did it for 21 days and lost an additional 14 lbs.  If you follow the weight loss plan and don't cheat and drink the water recommended the pounds just keep falling off.  I will be forever grateful to you, Sue.  You literally saved my life.  Thank you, Dave

          I did the 21 day program  and had amazing results, 21.5#! It was very exciting to see such fast  results in a short time. While on the program I noticed that about 2  weeks into it I did not have the aches and pains as much as I did  before. My weakness is sugar and even now I have to be very vigilant in  what I eat. If I overdo it I feel lousy again. It is definitely a  lifestyle change but one well worth it beyond words. Denise 

  My brother lost a bunch of  weight this spring 2011 and he looked really good. He showed me this  website and helped me get the pellets. I read Dr. Simeon's Protocol  "Pounds and Inches" several times and it really made sense to me. I had  typhoid about 2 years ago that lasted about a month (antibiotic  resistant). Literally I didn't eat or almost drink for nearly the whole  month due to fever and nausea. I think that sent my body into "Famine  coming, save everything!!" mode. Since then all I did was gain weight. I  started the diet Aug 17 and I lost 34# in 40 days, 12 total inches, and  went from a bulging size 16 to comfy in size 12s! I am thrilled. I'm  finishing the 3 week maintenance phase and all the weight has stayed  off!! I'll probably do another round after the holidays to get a little  more of that nasty fat off! So very excited to have found this diet!!!  Thanks!! 

Diane  Beyond Happy!!            

Our family used HCG and  five of us each lost between 10 and 22 pounds. Thanks Sue. We all have  so much more energy and all five of us had to buy smaller size clothes.  WOW. This is great! This is a total of 81 lbs lost.  Carol  Happy Looser

 Sitting at the computer  all day long finally took its toll and I gained weight! Finding the HCG  diet was such a blessing, since it fit into my busy schedule. And, with  the wonderful recipes in the Phase II cookbook, it was easy to prepare  quick meals that kept me going.   I lost 18lbs in 21-days and I feel great! Thanks so much for sharing  your success and I hope this helps to encourage others. You are an  amazing consultant and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. I  appreciate your coaching especially when I was unsure this would work. I  have recommended this diet to many, many others who have successfully  lost a considerable amount of weight in a short amount of time.  Thank-you! Felice Gerwitz           President, Media Angels, Inc.       

     I have been on many diets,  very expensive ones too. I went on the Homeopathic HCG and had  wonderful results, I lost 35# in 40 days. My life has changed. I as at  the best weight I have ever been in my life.Thanks for all the  information. 


I went on the Hcg because I  needed to lose 15# I thought. Well I went on the strict diet and tried  not to cheat ( if you cheat it will show up on the scale). I ended up  losing 19# in 21 days. WOW , I was surprised. I love this diet and I  have told everyone I know.


 I lost 17 lbs in 26 days  and I feel great! So happy I was introduced to HCG. I struggled with  other diets and exercise over the years but nothing has provided the  results that HCG has. I actually got my body shape back. I am past phase  3 and have kept the weight off, even with indulging over the holidays.  My eating habits have changed and I don?t think about food like I used  to. I love the way my jeans fit!!!! I recommend this for anyone looking  to lose weight and make a life style change.


  I am 53 years old and I  have tried many diets out there. I went on HCG this summer and followed  it exactly. The first round I lost 35# in 42 days. Then I went off of it  for 6 weeks (on maintenance), My second round I lost 25# in 28 days. I  have been on maintenance for about a month and have lost and additional  5#. I am now down 65#. I went from a size 16 to a size 6. This baby is  the ticket to true weight loss. I love HCG and what it does for your  body!! I have never looked or felt so good.